“It’s important to make your voice heard and stand up for others because every voice counts.” –Fiona

“After all, everybody is human. Therefore, we need to treat everybody equally.” –Debra

“I realize that bullying still exists: genocide, antisemitism, racism. People are still being judged based on their looks, religious beliefs, cultural background and sexual orientation. How crazy is that in this developed age! Voices into Action is a proactive and preventative initiative. Thank you!” –Eric

“This program emphasized the importance of accepting others for who they are. We shouldn’t discriminate against others.”
–Michael, Toronto

“This work is crucial. We can’t go on doing nothing. I liked the stories. I felt their pain.” –Lei Anne

“…The individual human rights videos are short and powerful, ideal for a fresh approach.”
–Mercedes L., Newfoundland

“I would recommend Voices Into Action to any educator who wants to educate and inspire their students to not only learn about human rights, but to also take concrete steps in their own communities to end cycles of prejudice and hate. I have personally used this resource when teaching about residential schools, the Komagata Maru incident, Japanese internment and the Holocaust. The engaging videos, the lesson plans and materials are a great addition to any lesson on human rights” – Secondary Social Studies Teacher, Vancouver, British Columbia

Voices into Action is a powerful resource that aligns with provincial curriculum and provides engaging activities and case studies. My students said that it stripped away what they thought they knew about Canada and human rights and made them passionate about taking action. 
– Christine, Calgary, Alberta

“I’ve learned a lot and am excited to use the website resources you have shared. I have already shared the websites with my colleagues. It has been the single most useful and important professional development I have had all year. Thank you so much.”– Salina, Durham District School Board, ON

High School Teachers

“We are an alternative education school with a very challenging clientele, and they were engaged and inspired by your program. We are currently using the Voices into Action online resources in our class.” –Anne O., Ontario

“Thank you so much for everything! We will definitely continue integrating Voices Into Action into our curriculum. We were grateful to participate and be transformed by this experience.” –Pina M., Ontario

“This year I have used Voices Into Action. Students get the idea that their voice matters. Sometimes it is difficult for them to make the link between past intolerance, racism, hate to their own school community. Sometimes it takes a series of discussions for them to see that name calling, teasing and bullying in certain instances have similarities and has a similar affect on people. Initially the kids always respond with the surface stuff, but as we learn about minority groups in Canadian history then they have a deeper understanding. Thank you for developing a free and accessible program, that is Canadian in content.” 
–Teacher, British Columbia

“As a teacher, I strive to inspire every student to be excited to learn by bringing in material that interests and motivates them, is applicable to their lives, and inspires creativity and imagination. Voices Into Action enables me to do all simultaneously. I taught the students about human rights through [this program], and then had students perform a short story that was reflective of a social justice issue that they were passionate about. The themes present in your lessons were transformed into dance, spoken word, film, art, and music at our story cafe. Thank you for helping me aid my students in becoming civically responsible members of society who make informed decisions and sound moral judgments.” 
– Lesley M., Calgary, Alberta

Other Educators

“Thank you for your leadership on this important project. As I said to my colleagues, this will be a ‘game-changer’ for us in education. I will be introducing the website to my staff at our staff meeting and sharing it with my Principal colleagues.” –Dominic S., high school principal, Ontario

“I find Voices into Action a valuable tool to help support education on issues of human rights, social justice, and discrimination. I find the materials contemporary and focus on diverse issues in Canada, yet remind us of the past and how we are to take lessons from past experiences. I also like the structure of the program where it is action based (after instruction of course). The fact that this program taps into modern technology does appeal to students and to teachers as well. Our school division has as one of our goals safe and caring schools so this curriculum is very timely and valuable to supporting our division goals.” –Larry M, Saskatchewan high school principal

“This is a fabulous initiative. We would be happy to link it to our website.” –University of Manitoba Center for Human Rights Research

“Congratulations for such an awesome event and for creating such an engaging, innovative curriculum ‘par excellence!’ I feel in my bones all the very hard work, time, effort, and innovation you and the others put into Voices into Action. I have an OAC issue-based arts education project that focuses on human rights, equity, inclusion and social justice. It is such a perfect resource to explore issue-based arts education. In my view, Voices into Action is also totally appropriate for grade 8’s involved in Holocaust Studies so I am passing it onto grade 8 teachers who are interested in, and able to intersect Holocaust studies with diverse social justice issues regarding discrimination, oppression and expressions of hatred. I have also passed Voices into Action to Faculty of Education professors involved in social justice studies. Voices into Action is a very precious and invaluable resource. Thank goodness for philanthropists such as Tony and Elizabeth Comper!” –Meri M. Human Rights, Equity and Inclusive Education Advisor at an Ontario school board

“Every generation must rededicate itself to the task of how to live together. Voices into Action provides a valuable framework for teachers to link historic antisemitism and the Holocaust to contemporary Canadian and global issues. I highly recommend it to my colleagues.” – Holocaust educator, Vancouver, British Columbia

“In our work supporting First Nation, Metis, and Inuit students, we are often asked for resources that are easily accessed by our teachers. This [resource] was one more resource that was very accessible to our school community. Giving teachers resources outside the textbook gives our students another avenue to explore very sensitive topics.” – First Nation Metis and Inuit Consultant, Calgary Catholic School Division, Alberta

“You should be very proud of the program, which is phenomenal! I really want our students to be able to access it, and have spoken to [teachers] about it.” 
–Shana H., Ontario principal

“Great program. So much thought has gone into it. It is stunning. Congratulations!” –Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management, Distinguished Visiting instructor

“Teachers will be very pleased to know that the program is FREE, readily available, and will not require a site license. I appreciate the time, work, and continued efforts of the curriculum experts to create lesson plans, differentiated instruction, and the commitment to social justice issues. I would also like to see this program used as a support in the teaching of Social Studies and Canadian history at the senior high levels. This program can be easily implemented, and will continue to support the division’s goals for Human Rights Education.” –Social Studies Consultant, Winnipeg School Division

“The resource has been reviewed with a glowing recommendation and full support from the social studies specialist. I will be sharing it with our teachers as a curriculum-based resource. Thanks so much!” 
–English School Board, Prince Edward Island

“Thank you so much for introducing me to the Voices Into Action educational tool. It’s such a pleasure to have a lesson plan, rubric, topics, and chapters addressed on-line for free – what a gift to the Canadian community. The lessons are well thought out and address important issues of tolerance, respect, and genocide through the lens of both history and more modern situations, and the multi-media aspect really engaged my students. I am honoured to be able to share this with the teachers and schools that I visit and look forward to delving into the material more thoroughly as time goes by. Thank you for this excellent resource.” – Director, Human Rights and Holocaust Education, Asper Program, Alberta

“Canada is a diverse country with so many people from all backgrounds. The Voices Into Action program gets to the heart of what matters to students. In this day of immediate feedback, media, bullying, racism and, non-understanding, Voices Into Action gives teachers and students tools with Canadian content. When you take the time to learn and talk out things, tolerance, respect for one another, and understanding grows. When we connect, all do become better citizens.” –Marie Zorniak, President, Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association MSSTA

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