Tony & Elizabeth Comper

We welcome you to Voices into Action – an educational program that helps students develop their social awareness. The urgency for this kind of discussion continues to be a priority, as in recent years we have witnessed shocking incidents of antisemitism and other forms of bigotry in Canada. The interactive site connects students to the past and present, and encourages them to create a more harmonious future.

We believe classrooms are powerful environments where positive change is possible. Let yours be one where the discussions are impassioned and the activities relevant as they are fueled by a closer look at humanity’s quest for inequitable power, as well as justice and culture. The harsh facts about immigration, the Holocaust, genocide, homophobia, and the aboriginal experience will open your students’ eyes to the unspeakable atrocities of the past that continue to happen around the world.

New Canadian students enter our classrooms with fears and facing exclusion while yearning for opportunities to integrate. Cyberbullying is spreading hate at an astonishing rate. As educators we need to share this knowledge with students so that they can choose compassion over hate and positive action over indifference.

In 2005 after a resurgence of antisemitic incidents in Canada, we founded FAST-Fighting Antisemitism Together®. Along with a coalition of non-Jewish business leaders, FAST is dedicated to speaking out against intolerance, with antisemitism as a specific manifestation of it. Our first program, Choose Your Voice, was designed for middle school students and won the Award of Excellence 2010 from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

Voices into Action is the second initiative from FAST, and is developed in accordance with provincial curriculum standards for secondary schools. This program further demonstrates our commitment to empowering students to take action against discrimination. We strongly believe in our responsibility to make a better, safer world for all.

As Elizabeth was a former teacher, we have a first-hand appreciation of the challenging and vital role a teacher can play in helping young people learn and take the right actions against hatred. We hope these materials make your job a little easier and wish you every success!