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About FAST - www.fightingantisemitism.com

FAST - Fighting Antisemitism Together® is dedicated to speaking out against antisemitism. In response to documented increase in vicious anti-Jewish incidents in Canada in 2004, FAST was founded by Tony Comper, former CEO and President of Bank of Montreal and his wife, Elizabeth. It was established as a coalition of non-Jewish Canadian business and community leaders who came together to take a lead in eradicating antisemitism, considered the oldest hatred in history. FAST is dedicated to funding programs that combat all forms of intolerance.

The key goals of FAST are to teach students that hatred has no place in Canada and to encourage young people to feel safe and secure. This initiative invites and challenges other non-Jews of goodwill to rise up and be counted against antisemitism and is designed to encourage those in educational settings to speak out against all forms of bigotry, racism and hatred.

The goal of this project for Secondary Schools is to enrich and deepen the understanding of human rights issues, stereotyping and intolerance with young people. The classroom can offer a powerful environment for confronting such behaviours through reading, writing, media, discussion and the arts, as you work towards eliminating prejudice and discrimination.

It is intended that the project for Secondary Schools link past and present issues in order for lessons and units to support curriculum courses in any curriculum area including English, History, Geography, Civics, Law, World Religions and the Arts.

The issues explored can be introduced as a contemporary study (e.g., discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping) in Social Science or a Social Studies courses. Concepts can be further developed in classes through one or more events which can serve as case studies for examining issues of prejudice and intolerance. Learning can be consolidated by making connections to the issue as it appears in contemporary society and by considering future implications.

Author Team

This project was developed for FAST by a team of educators: classroom teachers, graduate students in education, university lecturers and professors, and freelance consultants, all of whom have a deep interest in providing information to secondary students about the Holocaust, and about other tragic examples of the destruction of human rights and lives through prejudice and discrimination.

The writing team worked over a period of a year, as a whole group, in small groups, and independently to research and develop these units for classroom use in a variety of curriculum areas. The units can be explored sequentially or selected to complement a particular curriculum area being explored and investigated. Each unit begins with an overview, followed by chapters on that topic. The first chapter in each unit explores the terrible effects of the Holocaust in Europe on the lives of millions of Jewish people, and the following chapters discuss past and present ramifications of prejudice and discrimination in Canada and throughout the world.

Project Managers
David Booth - Professor Emeritus, OISE/UT
Larry Swartz - Instructor, OISE/UT
John Myers - Instructor, OISE/UT
Bernard Rubinstein - Instructor, OISE/UT

Arif Anwar - PhD Candidate, OISE/UT
Carly Bardikoff - MA Graduate, OISE/UT
Merlin Charles - Instructor, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Richard Coles - Education Consultant
Craig Cowan - BEd Graduate, OISE/UT
Jodi Derkson - MEd Graduate, UBC
Eleanor Gower - former Principal TDSB
Kathleen Gould Lundy - Instructor, York University
Debbie Nyman Drama - Consultant, Instructor, AQ Courses, OISE/UT
Joan O’Callaghan - Instructor, OISE/UT
Traci Scheepstra - PhD Candidate, Gender Studies, OISE/UT
Rob Simon - Professor, OISE/UT
Nancy Steele Lead - Teacher, Aboriginal Infusion, OISE/UT
Trina Tran - Teacher, TDSB
Stephanie Warr - BEd Graduate, OISE/UT
Belarie Zatzman - Professor, York University

Curriculum Connections: Bryan Wright

Editor-in-Chief: Nicole Miller - FAST Executive Director



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