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For Students Voices into Action aims to teach you about horrific moments in human history so you can effectively take action against indifference and abolish the cycle of hate and intolerance still prevalent in our world today. Together we can combat hateful acts to make the world a better place.

  • A letter from our Founders, Tony and Elizabeth Comper

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What is Voices into Action?

Voices into Action is an online resource dedicated to providing students with access to information on issues regarding human rights, prejudice, and hatred. Designed by curriculum experts, this program utilizes a wide variety of media to present compelling information on a history of human suffering, stemming from social injustice that is still a problem today. This site will give you the knowledge and tools to speak out, and to go even further by turning your voice into action!

FAST is dedicated to speaking out against antisemitism, the oldest hatred in human history, and to funding educational projects to combat all forms of intolerance. Our key goal is to teach young people that hatred has no place in Canada. By speaking out and taking action, all Canadians can feel safe, secure, and empowered.

Explore the issues and effects of antisemitism, racism, discrimination and stereotyping.

FAST thanks Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman for their generous support.

Why learn Voices into Action?

While meeting curriculum requirements, you and your classmates can become better people, and make your classroom a better place for learning. Our media resources, along with teacher-led dialogue, give you many perspectives to consider, with opportunities for critical thinking and creative response. By understanding the history of human rights issues in Canada and around the world, you will also gain insight into current issues that occur in your world and your classrooms. Prejudice, discrimination, and hatred have existed throughout history, but cyberbullying is a more recent manifestation of social injustice.

  • History repeats itself
  • Bystander apathy can lead to atrocities
  • Antisemitism is on the rise
  • Discrimination and prejudice is harmful
  • The past connects to the present
  • Students learn to take action

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